Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Walnut - 2.5Liters

Item #: WO-Oil-Walnut-2.5

Woca Oil for Exterior Decking/Siding - color: Walnut - 2.5 Liters.
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  • Product Description Woca Oil for Exterior Decking/Siding - color: Walnut - 2.5 Liters.
  • Application WOCA Exterior Oil is the best stain for protecting and preserving all outdoor wood surfaces. It's plant based, eco-friendly, and low VOC. Ideal for all outdoor wood surfaces: decks, docks, sidings, soffits, porches, fences and outdoor furniture.
  • Product Size Come in can of 2.5liter measuring Diameter 8" x Height 6.5" (Dia. 200mm x 150mm). Multiple color options. Natural, Walnut, Teak, Black, Grey, White, Red Brown, Bangkirai, Larch, Anthracite.
  • Comments WOCA Exterior Wood Oil is based on a mixture of vegetable oil components, particularly suited for treatment of all Fused Bamboo, untreated or previously treated.


    • Package Dimension D8" x H6-1/2"
    • Package Weight 6.35 Ib.
    • Count per box 4
    • Count in Package 2.50L
    • Unit/package Liter


  • Sq feet coverage per package approximately 150 Sq.ft Coverage
  • Coverage Assumptions 150 Sq.ft Coverage


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