Decking Accessories

Decking Accessories

Decking Self-Adhesive Joist Wrap 3" x 75'


Decking Self-adhesive Ledger Tape (12" x 25')


Decking Wing Clip, Brown, 100 pcs/includes brown screws for wooden base & driver bit


Tiger Claw -TC 120 (Black Stainless Steel)


Deck Screws #7 2-1/4" - Black #38 SQ driver (350 pack)


Deck Screws #7 2-1/4" - Black #38 with Smart Bit (100 pack)

Siding Accessories

Siding Accessories

Siding Sheathing Wings Clip use with/without Fastrac
Note: Alternative to Rainclad Clip3S-TH-100

RainClad Clip1H-100*

XTR Wall Siding Batten Small Clip with 1 hole - 100 pcs


Siding Batten Wings Clip use with / without Fastrac
Note : Alternative to Rainclad Clip1H-100 and ASD-BTN-SLS

ASD-SS12-PAN100 / ASD-PAN12-SS-100*

Stainless Steel Type 316 1" Wood Screw - 100 pcs/pack

Porch Accessories

Porch Accessories

Soffit, Deck Skirting And Wainscoting Accessories

Soffit, Deck Skirting And Wainscoting Accessories

Hexa-Head Self Drilling 1" Soffit Screw - 100pcs/pk


Philips Pan Head 1" Soffit Screw - 100pcs/pk

General Accessories

dassoXTR Installation Accessories on this website are arranged by segment like General, Decking, Siding, Soffit, etc… to help customers identify which accessories to use with the different dassoXTR products. However, most of the accessories are generic in nature and may work for you with other materials as long as you have common installation knowledge on how to use the accessories and screws.

Note: Any item marked with an * (asterisk) can be ordered to be shipped together with a full container load of materials that comes direct from our China factory. Those without the * (asterisk) are stocked in locally in US warehouses and are not able to be shipped together with an overseas container order.


Stainless Steel #7 2-1/4" - XTR Black #38, 100 Screw Pack

WO-Oil-Natur-0.75 lt

Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Natural - 0.75 Liters


D-Plugs 5mm Classic and Screw - 100 Sets per Box with 1 Compliment Driver Bit


D-Plugs 5mm Epic and Screw - 100 Sets per Box with 1 Compliment Driver Bit


100 units of D-Plugs 5mm Classic Only


100 units of D-Plugs 5mm Epic Only

XTRD-PLUGSC-100 / AGN-PSc-100* / ADK-PSc-100

100 pack #8 screws and 100 XTR Classic Bamboo plugs

XTRD-PLUGSC-1050 / AGN-PSc-1050 / ADK-PSc-1050

1050 pack #8 screws and 1050 XTR Classic Bamboo plugs


Pro Plug 3 Bit Set With Plug Counterbore & Drive


Smart Bit 3 Drills w/Countersink Set #7


Smart Bit Deck Screw Driver w/Depth Setter #7

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