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In 2010, the dasso Group introduced dassoXTR exterior bamboo products to the world market at the Shanghai Expo in China, where almost two miles worth of this highly durable, outdoor-use bamboo was featured on a giant exterior project. Since then, dassoXTR has been incorporated into many notable building and remodeling projects throughout the world. In fact, dassoXTR is the only bamboo product with a proven track record for use in both commercial and residential construction and remodeling projects.

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What is dassoXTR?

dassoXTR is an extremely durable bamboo product designed specifically for outdoor applications. It is made through dasso’s own patented fused bamboo process in which natural bamboo is harvested from the bamboo forests at its peak growth, shredded into bamboo strands, and then fused into dense, durable panels that are milled for bamboo decking, RainClad siding, porch flooring, lumber and panels.

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Exterior Fused Bamboo® Decking

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Exterior Fused Bamboo® Siding

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Exterior Fused Bamboo® Furniture

With our proprietary fusion process, two stages of high heat combine to first carbonize the bamboo, removing all of the starch and sugar, and then restructure the bamboo, reinforcing its natural strength characteristics. The modified bamboo strands are then fused together using bamboo natural lignin and phenolic resin – the same resins used to make bowling balls. The end result is an extremely dense, durable exterior-use product composed of 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin. And because nutrients are removed from the bamboo fiber, the material no longer attracts bacteria, fungus, mold or bugs. Since no preservatives are added into Fused Bamboo as opposed to treated lumbers, fused bamboo does not leach or emits any chemical. As bamboo does not include rays or knots like natural woods, dassoXTR has a much more flawless appearance than other materials made from woods. This consistent grain structure also allows dassoXTR to distribute weight very evenly, adding to its incredible durability.

dassoXTR's patented fusion process creates a dense, beautiful, long lasting, and rapidly renewable natural alternative to chemically treated softwoods and environmentally suspect sources of tropical hardwoods. dassoXTR bamboo rivals the natural beauty of exotic hardwoods but is color range consistent and source, quality, and price predictable.

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