Boardwalk and Marinas Project

Boardwalk, Pliers, Docks and Marinas are just another form of decking platform. However, they are intended for a more robust heavy-duty commercial function for general public. The boardwalk as we know it, could be as wide as 30ft with storefront on one side and walkway on the others.

The Boardwalk plank is designed to be face screwed directly to the joist. The planks are design heavy so that in an unexpected heavy storm, should the planks be hit loose from their joist, they would sink and remain near the boardwalk. Once the storm is over, diver could pick up the sunken pieces and reinstall the planks back in their place. Some boardwalk, pliers and docks are also intended for wheeled vehicles to travel on. With this in mind, we created the Boardwalk Decking Planks to be able to withstand the weight of maintenance vehicles. Span 12” o.c for vehicle intended pliers and span max. 36” for general walking traffic dock.

For more information regarding Ultimate Stress, MOR and MOE, please refer to dassoXTR vs. Other Decking Materials and Product Technical Data Sheets (TDS). Also, please see our Project Gallery to view some of the mega broadwalk projects that uses dassoXTR Fused Bamboo around their scenic waterway.

boardwalk layout design

dassoXTR Heavy Commercial

2x6 Commercial Deck G0 Fused Bamboo
Planks for use as the main deck. They are reversible, use either the smooth or reeded surface.
1x8 Nominal S4S Lumber 3/4+" x 8" x 73-1/4" boards
Planks for use as fascia (side banding around the deck).
2x6 Nominal S4S Lumber 1-1/2+" x 6" x 73-1/4" boards
Options, as a replacement of 20mm Lumber.
Note: XXX denote either XTR or EPC.

dassoXTR Accessories and Finishes

Stainless Steel #7 2-1/4" - XTR Black #38, 100 Screw Pack 
Screw in black for holding down decking planks.
Stainless Steel #7 2-1/4" - XTR Black #38, 100 Screws with Smart Bit 
Screw in black for holding down decking planks with Smart drill bits.
Face Screw Smart Bit 3 Drills w/Countersink Set #7, Predrill & Countersink  
Extra Smart drill bits.
Face Screw Smart Bit Deck Screw Driver w/Depth Setter #7, Screw Depth Setter & Driver 
Extra Smart drill bits and Screw Driver.
Eisen Plugs, Screws & Drill Bit Kit
Screws and Plugs to use on area where you need to secure the planks in position.
Pro plug 3 bit set with plug, counterbore & driver for #8
Drill bit use in combination to Eisen Plugs, Screws & Drill Bit Kit
Pro plugs for XTR (without screws or bit) 100 plugs only
Additional fused bamboo plugs to use as screw caps
Anchor Seal 2 Wax Sealer
End Sealer to prevent cracks and checks on the butt ends of any cuts and ends.
WOCA Oil Natural - 0.75 Ltr
Woca is a Penetrating Oil and is use for touching up the Plugs after they are installed.

Additional Tools Needed

  • Power Drill
  • Circular saw with carbine blade to cut planks
  • Paint brush for applying oil / sealer

dassoXTR bamboo products used worldwide

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