dassoXTR Weathering and Aging

An example of dassoXTR weathering and aging over time

  • dassoXTR Weathering and Aging - Factory
    New fresh dassoXTR coming out of the factory
  • dassoXTR Weathering and Aging - 3 months
    dassoXTR after weathering or aging for 3 months under the Atlanta sun
  • dassoXTR Weathering and Aging - 30 months
    dassoXTR after weathering or aging for 30 months under the Atlanta sun
  • dassoXTR Weathering and Aging - recoated
    dassoXTR after recoating and reoil with 1 layers of natural color penetrating oil. (Natural penetrating oiled could be stained/tainted with your desire colors.)

Grains and Colors

dassoXTR is a natural product, it appearance may vary in grains and colors. When exposed under the natural sunlight over time, the appearance and color may change depending on the extent of UV light exposed to the material. The boards originally have a dark brown color in multiple hues, which will lighten up over several weeks or months. The board's color without regular maintenance will eventually grey out to a nice silver patina just like any hardwood exposed to sunlight. If a brown color is preferred, maintenance should be done with an exterior penetrating oil. Stains could be added to the penetrating oil to achieve a desired color of the finish product. dassoXTR shows similarity to other hardwoods in grains and structure as it consists of 87% of natural stranded bamboo fiber. The characteristic of bamboo nodes however can still be recognized and gives the product its natural desire look.

Normal Phenomena

Checks and cracks on the surface and on the ends of the boards can arise from the different drying characteristics of the surface and cross-cut ends. This does not affect the structurer soundness of the boards. The surface and sides of the boards will get rougher over time due to natural fiber raising as with any natural wood. Some splinters may form as a result of continuous water absorption and evaporation due to ambient condition. Dimensional changes or cupping of the boards are minor but can occur after cycles of environmental changes. These phenomena are normal to all wood and as well to dassoXTR.

dassoXTR products used worldwide

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