Bamboo Porch Flooring

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Porch Flooring is specifically designed for interior flooring and exterior porches and outperforms common porch flooring in aesthetics and durability.  The dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Porch Flooring is unique in its own class.  It is designed so you could extend your interior floor space to the exterior of a house.  Call it porch, veranda, balcony, or even just solid fused bamboo flooring.  This profile is suitable for exterior as well as interior floor space so long as there is a roof on top of the space.   The porch flooring differs from decking planks because it is installed without any gaps between each row of plank. Every plank joined to the other with tongue and groove on all side just like a standard red oak flooring.  The fused bamboo is extremely dimension stable, will not warp or buckle, zero VOC and no leaching.  It is waterproof and fire resistance.  The materials passed both Class A Fire Rating as well as WUI compliance.  This profile is designed to installed just like the standard solid red wood floor planks with a floor nailer using 18 gauge 1-3/4” cleats; or by glue-down with polyurethane glue or exterior grade liquid nails.


The Fused Bamboo Porch Flooring comes in 2 colors and as always, the lighter Epic Cognac color could be stained or painted over in semi-transparent polyurethane or solid color polyurethane.  The fused bamboo product colors are throughout the thickness and are not skin deep. You can sand the flooring 3 to 4 times just like solid wood flooring.  Always remember to follow coatings manufacturer application manual to get the best effect of finishes. Porch flooring will work with any of the 5 commonly use trim pieces use in the solid flooring installation namely, stair thread, reducer, variable threshold, T-molding and quarter round.  We do offer each of the trim pieces as custom made special order.  

Don't forget to browse our Installation Accessories page for all the matching accessories you need to complete your installation.  Refer to How-To Guide for installation diagrams.

 = stands for material that is pre-primed at the factory.



Classic Espresso 1x4 Pre-Oiled Porch Flooring T&G Fused Bamboo (also for Interior Floors)


Epic Cognac 1x4 Pre-Oiled Porch Flooring T&G Fused Bamboo (also for Interior Floors)

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