About dasso Group

Founded in 1993, the dasso Group is the world leader in the development and production of innovative bamboo products. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, today the dasso Group has 10 manufacturing facilities and over 1,000 employees, in addition to owning over 2,700 acres of productive, sustainable bamboo forest in China.

For over two decades, the dasso Group has been at the forefront of the development of innovative bamboo products, including bamboo flooring, decking, siding, and furnishings.

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Committed to the Innovative Use of Bamboo

With its own Design and R&D center, the dasso Group holds over 40 international and domestic patents to date and continues to develop new technologies to enhance the use of bamboo in commercial and residential indoor and outdoor applications, as well as for use in many industries. In its production of bamboo, dasso not only prides itself on meeting the highest environmental and health standards, the company also harvests its bamboo at its peak hardness. This makes dasso bamboo products among the most durable in the world. dasso’s innovative bamboo applications include:



Traditional, Strand-Woven, and dasso’s proprietary Unfurled bamboo available in solid and engineered formats and sold in North America as EcoTimber and a private label for Mannington


Exterior bamboo decking, siding, and cladding, tiles


Bamboo veneers, panels, sheet goods, countertops, and wear surfaces




Furniture and cabinetry for home, office, and commercial use, including a line for IKEA




Decorative and sound-enhancing bamboo ceiling and wall tiles




Imaginative, integrated bamboo products, including wind turbines crafted from bamboo to produce energy and bamboo dashboards used in BMW automobiles

Forging Greener Building Projects with dasso Bamboo

Today, those looking for a highly durable, environmentally friendly building option are realizing the many benefits of using dasso bamboo. Some of the world’s top architects, builders, and designers, as well as commercial businesses and homeowners, have successfully incorporated dasso bamboo into their design and building projects. Among the most notable dasso bamboo applications are:

Madrid Airport

Madrid Airport

The Madrid Airport, in which the incredible ceiling slates are crafted from dasso bamboo
Wuxi Grand Theatre

Wuxi Grand Theater

China’s Wuxi Grand Theater, where dasso bamboo ceiling and wall tiles improve acoustics in the main opera auditorium and dasso bamboo is used for the stage, flooring, side rails, and seating, in addition to outdoor applications for the theater’s magnificent deck and siding
Lake Placid Band Shell

Lake Placid Band Shell

The Lake Placid Band Shell in New York where dassoXTR bamboo creates the outdoor shell’s raised stage


Shanghai Financial Center

Shanghai Financial Center

The Shanghai Financial Center with its incredible array of dasso bamboo walls




The Microsoft offices in China where bamboo is used on the desktops.

These unique architectural projects are only a sampling of the many innovative and eco-friendly uses of dasso bamboo over the past few decades. Moving forward, dasso continues its mission of advancing the inspired use of bamboo throughout the world.

dassoXTR bamboo products used worldwide

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