Bamboo Decking & Bamboo Siding FAQ

Below are some common questions and answers about bamboo decking and bamboo siding.

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Bamboo Decking FAQ

Does bamboo decking get hot?

Bamboo decking will react like wood as they are natural fibers. Bamboo decking will get hot baked under hot sun but however will not be as hot as plastic composite decking. It will transfer heat like Teak, Pine or Ipe wood, which keeps the decking surface at a temperature bearable to human skin.

Can you build a deck out of bamboo?

Yes, you can build general deck for treehouse or simple recreational deck from bamboo culm that gives you a natural look. However, for a longer lasting modern living deck for residential or commercial use, Fused Bamboo is probably the best choice you have without having to replace the surface every 2 years.

Is bamboo good for outdoor?

Fused Bamboo for Exterior Use is for outdoor. It is different from generic bamboo which will rot in matters of months. So, not all bamboo are good for outdoor.

How do you maintain bamboo deck?

Since bamboo is consist of natural fibers, you would generally maintain bamboo deck just like how you would with wood decking. Bamboo deck has to be refinish very 2 years to maintain its structural soundness. A properly maintain fused bamboo decking will last a long time exceeding 30 years.

Bamboo Siding FAQ

Can you use bamboo as siding?

Yes, but only Fused Bamboo is design for such usage to last. Natural Bamboo contains sugar and starch which attracts all type of rotting agents like molds, fungus, insects, termite and bacteria. In other words, if it is not treated like Fused Bamboo, it will not last.

How do you install bamboo siding?

Bamboo siding is installed with specific fastener to allow for proper ventilation between both surfaces of the siding planks. Usual natural wood siding require ¾” air-gap for ventilation, but due to the superb quality of Fused Bamboo, only ¼” air-gap is required; this significantly simplified installation.

How long does bamboo siding last?

Fused Bamboo RainClad Siding is warranty for 30 years but is believed to last longer. Other bamboo without treatment will not last and will deteriorate with mold and fungus growth, attack by insects and termites, and show signs of rotting within 2 years. Natural Bamboo contains sugar and starch which attracts all these rotting agents.

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