Bamboo Shiplap Soffit

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Shiplap is used for soffit, deck skirting, wall panel and wainscoting.  Our shiplap is pre-primed and specifically designed for fast, easy installation.  They are suitable for interior and exterior use.  The planks are profile to a shiplap very similar to our RainClad Siding.  Both our RainClad Siding and Shiplap is often used interchangeablely due to preferance on the width of the planks.

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Shiplap comes in 2 different colors - Classic Espresso and Epic Cognac. However, the color choices are unlimited where Epic Cognac with its neutral color can be stained to multiple colors. Fused Bamboo® will take most brands of stains and pigments with coatings ranging from exterior wood oil to multi-colors wood paints. Our shiplap is made of Class A Fire-Rated material and is also dimensionally stable, will not warp or buckle, zero VOC and no leaching.  dassoXTR shiplap bamboo planks are 1/2"x4''x6' and excellent choice for soffit, deck skirting, siding and wainscoting.

Don't forget to browse our Installation Shiplap Accessories for all the matching accessories you need to complete your installation. 


Classic Espresso 4" Pre-primed Shiplap - Fused Bamboo


Epic Cognac 4" Pre-primed Shiplap - Fused Bamboo


Special Order: Classic Espresso 1x6 Unfinished GRAD System Fused Bamboo Plank for Decking, Siding and Soffit


Special Order: Epic Cognac 1x6 Unfinished GRAD System Fused Bamboo Plank for Decking, RainClad Siding and Soffit.

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