Louver and Facades Project

Louver and facade, they are basically the same structure intended to mitigate heat transfer, light intensity and visual appearance. They can be installed upright against the building wall or protruded to give shade. For simplicity in communication, we will just call them louver here in this article. Due to the multi-function nature of the structure, a good number of items can be used to construct this structure. And, the structure is usually combined with other materials for best effect and function. The louver could be constructed with either framing or hidden mullion.

What is important to consider is:

  1. the total length and height/protrude of the louver
  2. the interval of still or hidden mullion (Fused Bamboo usually need support very 36”o.c)
  3. framing structure or hidden mullion
  4. vertical shutter planks or horizontal shutter planks
  5. angled shutter or upright shutter (or even movable)

Below is a simple guide to help you with the how dassoXTR is use in as shutter planks.

dassoXTR bamboo products used worldwide

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