Deck Skirting & Wainscoting Project

A simple guide to help you understand what products are needed to build a dassoXTR deck skirting and Wainscoting

dassoXTR Deck Skirting & Wainscoting Products

1/2" x 4" Soffit and Wainscoting
Planks for the use as Soffit or Wainscoting. Also can be use as fascia.
1x8 Nominal S4S Lumber 3/4+" x 8" x 73-1/4" boards
Planks use to route into base on a Wainscoting or fascia project. Also can be route into crown and trim in a soffit project.
Note: XXX denote either XTR or EPC.

dassoXTR Deck Skirting & Wainscoting Accessories and Finishes

Starter Clip with 1 screw hole and 1 screw per clip in black
Field Clip with 2 screw holes and 2 screw per clip in black
1" Wood Screw (SS316) for Siding Clip
Screws design to fasten onto wood substrate.
1" Metal Screw (SS316) for Siding Clip
Screws design to fasten onto metal substrate.
Eisen Plugs, Screws & Drill Bit Kit
Screws and Plugs to use on area where you need to secure the planks in position.
Pro plug 3 bit set with plug, counterbore & driver for #8
Drill bit use in combination to Eisen Plugs, Screws & Drill Bit Kit
Pro plugs for XTR (without screws or bit) 100 plugs only
Additional fused bamboo plugs to use as screw caps
Anchor Seal 2 Wax Sealer
End Sealer to prevent cracks and checks on the butt ends of any cuts and ends.
WOCA Oil Natural - 0.75 Ltr
Woca is a Penetrating Oil and is use for touching up the Plugs after they are installed.

dassoXTR bamboo products used worldwide

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