dassoXTR distribute a wide range of accessories & fasteners to assist you with the installation of your project.  These accessories & fasteners may be available at your neighborhood hardware stores for your convenience.  However, if they are not easily available, get them here directly online.

General Woodworking Connector and Accessories

dassoXTR Installation Accessories on this website are arranged by segment like General, Decking, Siding, Soffit, etc… to help customers identify which accessories to use with the different dassoXTR products. However, most of the accessories are generic in nature and may work for you with other materials as long as you have common installation knowledge on how to use the accessories and screws.




12mm Shank Router Bit: Zig-Zag Finger Joint Profile


Woodworking Self centered L Align Dowel Jig for 1/4", 5/16, 3/8" (6,8,10MM) Holes


Eisen Hidden Lumber Connector M6 x 80


Fast 2K Deck Post Anchor Mix | Concrete Alternative and Replacement for Deck Post Installs


ProPlug 3 Bit Set with Counterbore & Drive for #8 Screw


Smart Bit 3 Drills Set with Countersink for #7 Screw
(Red Package)


Smart Bit Deck Screw Driver w/Depth Setter #7
(Green Package)


Eisen D-Plugs 5mm Classic Espresso and Screw - 100 Sets per Box with 1 Compliment Driver Bit


Eisen D-Plugs 5mm Epic Cognac and Screw - 100 Sets per Box with 1 Compliment Driver Bit


Eisen D-Plugs 5mm dassoXTR Classic Espresso


Eisen D-Plugs 5mm dassoXTR Epic Cognac


Eisen ØM10 x128mm Titanium Nitride Coated HSS Straight Shank Drill Bit


Eisen Ø1/4" x 4" Titanium Nitride Coated HSS Straight Shank Drill Bit


Eisen Ø3/16" x 3.5" Titanium Nitride Coated HSS Straight Shank Drill Bit. Use with #10 Screw.


Eisen Ø5/32" x 3" Titanium Nitride Coated HSS Straight Shank Drill Bit. Loose fit for Screw #8, easier screw in.

Decking Accessories

When installing the deck surface, focus on these 3 aspects.

1. How wide of a row gap do you accept? Most hidden fastener produce a gap of between 3/16” to 1/4”, with 3/16” as the ideal.  However, the narrower the gap, the more difficult it is when replacing a board.  Replacing a board in the middle of the deck becomes a reinstallation job where you usually need to uninstall a huge section of the deck. Hence, our recommendation is the Panda Claws (ADK-PCw-100) by Eisen which produces the optimal gap of 3/16” (4.7mm) .  And the Panda claw has an advantage of clawing on to the groove and no falling off while installing the plank, making installation an easy and speedy task.  The alternative Panda Grip (ADK-PG-100) produces a gap that is approximately 5/32" (4mm) between planks which is desirable.  However, in this fastener, the screw is located below the decking plank, making replacing a plank almost impossible without uninstalling a huge section of the deck.

2. Do you want to protect the wood ledger and joist with ledger tape and joist tape?  Is it usually worthwhile to do so to avoid premature rotting of deck structure due to water getting into the wood structure through the screws.

3.  Use face screw to install 2x6 deck plank.  If you mind screw head exposing on the surface, then drill, countersink, screw and plug with the Eisen Plug kit.  Otherwise, just use coated head screw and leave it exposed.  The #10, 3-1/2” (ADK-FHC10-XX-100) screw is usually sufficient for standard industrial commercial project.  For ocean front and extreme weathered area with strong winds and ocean waves, switch to #10, 4-1/2” screw for extra holding strength.  You could also use coated head screw on 1x6 deck planks.  We offer the  410 Stainless Steel #7 x 1-5/8" Self-Tapping Deck Screws (ADK-DWMS-XX)


Eisen Panda Claw Deck Fastener (Standard, 3/16" Gap)


Eisen Panda Claw2 X-treme Deck Fastener (Thicker Steel, wider 7/32" Gap)


Eisen Panda Grip Deck Fastener (Narrow 5/32" Gap) Caution: Fastening Screw is below deck plank and thus you will not be able to uninstall inner deck planks without uninstalling from the edge.


Plugs & Screws, Glue Nozzle, Driver Bit

XTRD-PLUGSC-350 / AGN-PSC-350* / ADK-PSc-350

350 pack #8 screws and 350 XTR Classic Espresso Bamboo plugs


Decking Ledger Tape (12" x 25')


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T15 Star Drive Black/Negro,100 unit


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T-15 Star Drive Hardwood Brown/Marron, 100 unit


Stainless Steel 316 #10x3-1/8" Deck Screws T-25 Star Drive Hardwood Brown/Marron, 100 unit


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T15 Star Drive,100 unit. Works on Metal Joist.


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T15 Star Drive,100 unit. Works on Metal Joist.


Stainless Steel #7 2-1/4" - XTR Black #38, 100 Screw Pack


Flat Head WAR BLOND Carbon Steel Coated #10 x 3-1/2" long, star drive, 17 point screw designed for use on 2x6 Cognac color XTR on wood joist.

RainClad Siding Accessories

Here are few basic steps to determine which RainClad fastener to use.

1.  Decide how thick of an air-gap you prefer for heat buffer. Use Batten clip (ASD-RC1B-W-100) for ¼” air-gap and use Sheathing clip (ASD-RC1S-W-100) for ¾” air-gap. Most residential project chooses to have ¼” air-gap which is sufficient in most situation.  You can choose to have ¾’ air-gap if the wall is constantly baked under the sun.

2.  Check if your current sheathing wall is sufficiently strong to support the RainClad Siding.  For best practice, always attach fastener to wall stud through the sheathing panel.  In situation when your sheathing wall is solidly strong, you can attach batten/sheathing clips directly to the sheathing wall and span 24” center to center. However, if your local building code required batten strips on the sheathing wall before fastener can be attached to it, use ½” batten strips and batten clips to form a ¾” air-gap.

3.  A single screw hole fastener is sufficient in most situation on a residential project not higher than 3 storey (30 feet). Use 3 holes fastener with 2 screws for 3rd storey (30 feet) or higher.  For batten option, use 2 fastener in place of one. 

4.  Use the correct type of screw and screw length for your project.

5.  Follow your local city/council code if one existed in your area.  The information published here are some general guidelines to install Shiplap RainClad Siding, dassoXTR is not responsible on the choices you made for your project.




Eisen 1/4" Air-gap RainClad Siding Batten Clip with One (1) Hole - 100 Unit
Note : Can be used with 1/2" Batten to create a 3/4" Air-gap matching up to sheathing clip.


Eisen 3/4" Air-gap RainClad Siding Sheathing Clip with One (1) Hole - 100 Unit


Eisen 3/4" Air-gap RainClad Siding Sheathing Clip with Three Holes - 100 Unit
Note: Use fastener with two screws for high wind area and for siding that is above three (3) stories high (35 feet or higher)


Eisen 3/4" Air-gap RainClad Siding Sheathing Clip with Three Holes - 350 Unit
Note: Use fastener with two screws for high wind area and for siding that is above three (3) stories high (35 feet or higher)


Eisen 3/4" Air-gap RainClad Siding Sheathing Clip with Three Holes - 1050 Unit
Note: Use fastener with two screws for high wind area and for siding that is above three (3) stories high (35 feet or higher)

Rainclad Clip3S-TH-1

Rainclad Siding 1" Three Hole Clip - 100 unit/pack


Philip Pan Head #10 x 2", Type 316 Stainless Steel Screw (For Standard wood joist installation, screw has to penetrate studs)


Philip Pan Head #12 x 1", Type 316 Stainless Steel Screw (Only for use on furring strips and sheathing is concrete)


Hexa-Head Self Drilling #10 x 1" Siding Screw. Type 410 Stainless Steel


Integral Inside Corner (Special Order Only)


X Corner Molding Trim (Special Order Only)


Vertical Insert (Special Order Only)


Vertical Retainer (Special Order Only)

Porch Accessories & Interior Finishes

Porch Accessories & Interior Finishes

WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active - Natural


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active-Caramel Brown


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--White-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active-Smoke Brown-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--Sand Grey-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active-Natural-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--Extra White-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--ConcreteGre-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--Caramel Brown-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--CarbonBLK-Test


WOCA's Premium Penetrating Oil, Diamond Oil Active--ChocoBRN-Test

Shiplap Soffit Accessories

Shiplap accessories used for soffit, deck skirting and wainscoting

Philips Pan Head Wood Screw #7 x 1" Soffit Screw - 100pcs/pk


Hexa-Head Self Drilling #8 x 3/4" Shiplap Screw - 100pcs/pk

Close Out and Odd Lot Accessories

These are the common woodworking connectors and accessories that are close out mainly because of the package size the materials has been up-dated with new packaging or labels.

Tiger Claw -TC 120 (Black Stainless Steel)

Exterior Finishes, Cleaners and Sealers

Make sure to follow the finish brand manufacturer’s application instructions. If you choose to apply a coat of a synthetic oil we suggest not finishing the dassoXTR Bamboo right after installation. Like other “smooth wood” hardwood products, with synthetic oil finishes we recommend installing XTR and let it weather for approximately 1-6 months, then, follow the application directions of the finish brand you select – including what they suggest as to how soon after the installation to apply their product.

After the synthetic oil’s initial waiting period, or when following either type finishes’ maintenance application schedule they may also suggest using their brand’s cleaner and a wood brightener to remove the dirt, UV graying, and in the case of a penetrating oil, opening up the pores for better penetration. Remember to let XTR bamboo, just like wood, dry for a few days after the cleaning.

dassoXTR fused bamboo Decking, Decking Tiles, Porch Flooring, and Siding is Pre-Primed so there is no need to finish all 4 sides when you might traditionally consider this a good additional step. Decks and porches that have very little ventilation should have finish on all four sides of the deck boards prior to installation to ensure equal moisture content on all sides of the boards and help to stabilize the material after installation.

If you have already applied a cross cut sealer (like Anchorseal 2) to cut board ends remember not to apply oil or finish to these ends as the crosscut sealer prevents the oil from penetrating and the finish from bonding.

Synthetic and Synthetic Polymer Finishes

Synthetic finishes dry by an evaporation or a curing process and creates a coat or “film” on the board that it’s applied to. It is often a synthetic polymer resin base dissolved, referred to as "carried”, in either a solvent/volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or water/Non-VOC, and can have added pigment for colors and additives for various properties. This type of finish protects the bamboo/wood by creating a film on the surface and is therefore considered more durable than Penetrating Oil Finishes when applied properly. As it creates a film on the surface, this allows pigments to sit on top of the surface and thus synthetic finishes are better at staining – changing of the existing color.

The key to applying any finish is to follow the finish manufacturer’s recommendations and directions.


Penetrating Oil Finishes

Penetrating Oil is among the oldest of finishes. It is basically a natural oil – often linseed oil - with mixture of synthetics resin and diluents/carriers and additives added into it. As the term penetrating oil denotes, it protects natural bamboo/wood fibers by penetrating into the natural fiber. Most penetrating oils also contain additives for various benefits, like: preventing fungus and microbial growth or inhibiting UV light from changing the color of the bamboo.

Penetrating Oil finishes should not be used over sealers, cross cut sealers, or fillers as these products prevent penetrating oil from “penetrating”. Note, Oil finishes do not “build up” to fill the open-grain in bamboo/wood, and letting them weather a bit allows the fibers to open up and accept a deeper application of penetrating oil.

The key to applying a penetrating oil finish to dassoXTR bamboo is to follow the finish manufacturer’s recommendations and directions.

Click on a finish company learn more about their compatible finish and what they recommend

Messmers Penetrating Oil Woca Exterior Oil


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Natural - 2.5Liters. Suitable for staining to your choice of colors.


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Walnut - 2.5Liters. Suitable for Classic Espresso..


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Teak - 2.5Liters. Suitable for Epic Cognac.


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Bangkirai - 2.5Liters. Suitable for staining scratches, over-sanding spot to mask-off the area for Epic Cognac colors.


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Teak - 0.75 Liters. Suitable for Epic Cognac.


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Natural - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Walnut - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Teak - Test Size .9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil -Bangkirai - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Silver - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Hazelnut - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Anthracite - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Black - Test Size 0.9 oz


Exterior Decking/Siding Oil - Larch - Test Size 0.9 oz


WOCA Exterior Wood Cleaner 2.5 Liter


WOCA Exterior Deep Cleaner. For Spot Cleaning. Use monthly, weekly or daily as you prefer.


Professional wood cleaning and restoration agent- 5 liter jug.


Silicon Carbide Broom Head Bamboo Decking Cleaning Brush

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