Smart Bit 3 Drills Set with Countersink for #7 Screw
(Red Package)

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Smart Bit 3 Drills w/Countersink Set #7
Price: $27.84

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  • Product Description Smart Bit 3 Drills w/Countersink Set #7
  • Application For creating pre-drilled holes with countersunk heads.
  • Product Size Smart Bit 3 Drills w/Countersink Set #7
  • Corrosion Information For applications exposed to salt air, near large bodies of water, swimming pools or other areas where corrosion is more likely to occur, always use Grade 316 stainless steel screws.


    • Package Dimension T1-1/2" x W3-1/2" x L7-1/2"
    • Package Weight .50
    • Count per box One Smart Bit and three (3) #7 drill bits
    • Count in Package 1
    • Unit/package lb



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