A Better Boardwalk Construction

Boardwalks are used across the country in state, federal and private properties to provide a walkway across sandy, wetlands and in fragile environmental areas. They are often constructed with pressure treated wood and can extend for long distances. In some cases, the walkways include stairs, steps and railings.

Many state and national parks utilize boardwalks today to protect both the visitors as well as the surrounding plant life and other wonders found in nature. The parks want a boardwalk that blends in with the surroundings yet is also load bearing and durable. Generally, the parks rule out using composite and other plastic decking materials to construct the boardwalks. They prefer something more natural in appearance and longer lasting.

pressure-treated wood boardwalk

Why dassoXTR Planks for Boardwalk Construction?

dassoXTR bamboo planks have been used Worldwide in the construction of boardwalks in many countries. From long sandy beaches along the ocean to all types of recreational areas where a walkway is needed. Since the planks are 87% bamboo, they are an ideal eco-friendly choice and easily blend in with the environment. The phenolic resins used in the fused bamboo process makes dassoXTR planks extremely durable, weather resistant, as well as rot, mold, termite and decay resistant.

dassoXTR boardwalk

dassoXTR bamboo planks are offered in both 20mm and 40mm thickness. The 20mm thick planks are utilized for most types of boardwalks and walkways. While the 40mm think planks are used for extremely heavy loads, such as providing golf cart paths across wet areas. dassoXTR is extremely dense with a density rating of 69 lb/ft3, which makes it more than three times the density of pine or cedar planks. See dassoXTR boardwalk planks.

dassoXTR fused bamboo commercial deck planks are reversible, use either the smooth or reeded side when extra traction is needed.

dassoXTR plank with grooves

Also available are both 1x8 and 2x6 lumber manufactured with the same dasso fused bamboo process. This allows for a nice finishing touch for deck facia or hand railings with the same materials.

In some western states where forest fires frequently occur dassoXTR planks are class-A fire rated and W.U.I. compliant. dassoXTR bamboo planks do not contain and harmful chemicals of VOCs. This makes dassoXTR a better choice than pressure treated wood in the construction of boardwalks and pathways.

dassoXTR bamboo products used worldwide

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