Rooftop Deck and Poolside Deck Project

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Rooftop Deck and Poolside Deck system can be built on treated lumber structure or commercial pedestal structure with connector suitable for wooden joist, aluminum joist or directly with deck tiles lock onto the pedestals.

Should you choose to build your rooftop deck or Poolside Deck with treated lumber, just build your framing as you would when building a backyard deck with extra cushion on the structure based. Other option is to use a pedestal system which are more robust, flexible and comprehensive in its total designs. The pedestal system allows speedier installation and flexibility.

The simple How-To Guide here illustration your possible option when using pedestal system as your rooftop decking or Poolside Deck system. The pedestal structure could work seamlessly with either deck planks or deck tiles. Deck planks will provide a traditional random planks or staggered planks look while deck tiles provide the mosaic look. The dassoXTR Fused Bamboo Deck Planks and Deck Tiles installed perfectly with multiple brands of pedestal in your marketplace. The G2 Deck Plank (xxx-DK20-G2-PP) are available in two colors Classic Espresso and Epic Cognac and our deck tiles is only available in Epic Cognac.

Do browse through out Project Gallery for example of how Fused Bamboo is use in a rooftop deck project and also refer to our Product tab to see all the available profile for rooftop deck system. We also provide multiple Installation Accessories to help you with your choice of pedestal and matching accessories you need to complete your installation.

rooftop deck layout

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