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Bamboo Decking, Siding, Shiplap, Lumber and more...

  • Bamboo Decking

    Bamboo Decking

    Bamboo decking by dassoXTR is the ultimate exterior solution for both commercial and residential deck applications. Our solid bamboo deck is reversible, end-matched perfection, dimensionally stable,  Class A Fire Rated, W.U.I. compliant, Zero VOC, Non-leaching and installs 30% faster.

  • Exterior Bamboo Siding

    Bamboo Siding

    Our unique sheathing and batten fastener system with optional FasTrak offers the most appealing looking rainclad and screen bamboo siding solution available. The system is easy to install, simple to understand and fast to complete. It reduces wastage and speeds up installation by 50%

  • Exterior Bamboo Porch Flooring

    Exterior Bamboo Porch Flooring

    dassoXTR's Fused Exterior Bamboo porch flooring is a great value and will give years of performance. Planks join to each other without leaving any gap to your floors. dassoXTR, floors design for indoor and outdoor allows a seamless extension from interior to the exterior.

  • Bamboo Shiplap

    Bamboo Shiplap Soffit, Deck Skirting and Wainscoting

    Fused Bamboo Shiplap is ideal for Soffit & Wainscoting and is specifically designed for indoor-outdoor applications. Elegance, luxurious and functional. It’s green and perfectly carbon neutral.

  • Bamboo Lumber

    Bamboo Lumber and Pre-primed Lumbers

    Bamboo Lumber & Pre-prime Lumbers is both tough and durable, without some of the inherent headaches of sawn lumber. Fused Bamboo characteristics open up a world of design creativity and adds a touch of unique character.

What is dassoXTR Fused Bamboo for Exterior Use?

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo® is manufactured using dasso’s patented process creating an extremely dense, durable solid product for many different types of exterior applications with a Class A Fire Rating, No Leaching and 0 VOCs. 

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Accessories designed to finish the job to a professionally exacting standard are available

dassoXTR offers a variety of accessories for use with our different bamboo decking and siding products, from clips, fasteners, drill bits, and much more.

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Where can I buy dassoXTR exterior bamboo products?

Click here to get in touch with one of our qualified Fused Bamboo exterior deck, porch flooring, soffit and bamboo siding re-sellers.

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dassoXTR bamboo products used worldwide

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