Decking Accessories

When installing the deck surface, focus on these 3 aspects.

1. How wide of a row gap do you accept? Most hidden fastener produce a gap of between 3/16” to 1/4”, with 3/16” as the ideal.  However, the narrower the gap, the more difficult it is when replacing a board.  Replacing a board in the middle of the deck becomes a reinstallation job where you usually need to uninstall a huge section of the deck. Hence, our recommendation is the Panda Claws (ADK-PCw-100) by Eisen which produces the optimal gap of 3/16” (4.7mm) .  And the Panda claw has an advantage of clawing on to the groove and no falling off while installing the plank, making installation an easy and speedy task.  The alternative Panda Grip (ADK-PG-100) produces a gap that is approximately 5/32" (4mm) between planks which is desirable.  However, in this fastener, the screw is located below the decking plank, making replacing a plank almost impossible without uninstalling a huge section of the deck.

2. Do you want to protect the wood ledger and joist with ledger tape and joist tape?  Is it usually worthwhile to do so to avoid premature rotting of deck structure due to water getting into the wood structure through the screws.

3.  Use face screw to install 2x6 deck plank.  If you mind screw head exposing on the surface, then drill, countersink, screw and plug with the Eisen Plug kit.  Otherwise, just use coated head screw and leave it exposed.  The #10, 3-1/2” (ADK-FHC10-XX-100) screw is usually sufficient for standard industrial commercial project.  For ocean front and extreme weathered area with strong winds and ocean waves, switch to #10, 4-1/2” screw for extra holding strength.  You could also use coated head screw on 1x6 deck planks.  We offer the  410 Stainless Steel #7 x 1-5/8" Self-Tapping Deck Screws (ADK-DWMS-XX)


Eisen Panda Claw Deck Fastener (Standard, 3/16" Gap)


Eisen Panda Claw2 X-treme Deck Fastener (Thicker Steel, wider 7/32" Gap)


Eisen Panda Grip Deck Fastener (Narrow 5/32" Gap) Caution: Fastening Screw is below deck plank and thus you will not be able to uninstall inner deck planks without uninstalling from the edge.


Plugs & Screws, Glue Nozzle, Driver Bit

XTRD-PLUGSC-350 / AGN-PSC-350* / ADK-PSc-350

350 pack #8 screws and 350 XTR Classic Espresso Bamboo plugs


Decking Ledger Tape (12" x 25')


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T15 Star Drive Black/Negro,100 unit


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T-15 Star Drive Hardwood Brown/Marron, 100 unit


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T15 Star Drive,100 unit. Works on Metal Joist.


Stainless Steel 410 Self-Tapping #7x1-5/8" Deck Screws T15 Star Drive,100 unit. Works on Metal Joist.


Stainless Steel #7 2-1/4" - XTR Black #38, 100 Screw Pack


Flat Head WAR BROWN Carbon Steel Coated #10 x 3-1/2" long, star drive, 17 point screw designed for use on 2x6 Cognac color XTR on wood joist.

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