Bamboo RainClad Siding

Bamboo RainClad® Siding

dassoXTR RainClad Siding is Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved.

dassoXTR Fused Bamboo RainClad® Shiplap Siding is the great choice for residential or commercial RainClad®, where it ages naturally like wood. Most often our siding act as ornate, accent or center piece of the building but in others it is a great replacement for the tropical siding planks (Ipe, Cumaru, Redwood or Cedar).

Our RainClad® Siding comes in 2 different colors - Classic Espresso and Epic Cognac. However, the color choices are unlimited where Epic Cognac with its neutral color can be stained to multiple colors. Fused Bamboo® will take most brands of stains and pigments with coatings ranging from exterior wood oil to multi-colors wood paints. Our siding is Thermally ModifiedClass A fire-rated, W.U.I. compliant, dimensionally stable, will not warp or buckle, zero VOC and no leaching.

In terms of plank width, you have the option of nominal size  1”x7” Shiplap Plank (XXX-SID18-178TG-PP) or 1x6 Shiplap Plank (XXX-SID18-137TG-PP) shiplap planks. Our siding planks are 6 feet long with a shiplap profile on the long side and T&G End-match on the end for an endless joint installation. When installed with the designed fastener, either sheathing or batten, the fastener will allow the planks to overlap on top of the other planks for a clean elegant look.

Installation time and product wastage is reduced by 50% compared to traditional wood plank installation. The most popular wider 7” plank gives a luxurious appearance with less seams or joints. It also reduces the usage of installation accessories and workload thus cutting down installation cost.

Installation is simplified with the designed fasteners and the planks can be installed horizontally or vertically. Use Drip Cap at the base and select appropriate aluminum trim pieces for corners, tops or joins. Our lumber can be routed to your trim pieces as well depending on your choice of looks. It is a RainClad® Siding that buffers heat from traveling into your home from direct contact.

Don't forget to browse our Installation Accessories page for all the matching accessories you need to complete your installation. 


Classic Espresso 1x6 Pre-primed RainClad Siding Shiplap Fused Bamboo


Classic Espresso 1x7 Pre-primed RainClad Siding Shiplap Fused Bamboo


Special Order: Classic Espresso 1x6 Unfinished GRAD System Fused Bamboo Plank for Decking, Siding and Soffit


Epic Cognac 1x6 Pre-primed RainClad Siding Shiplap Fused Bamboo


Epic Cognac 1x7 Pre-primed RainClad Siding Shiplap Fused Bamboo


Special Order: Epic Cognac 1x6 Unfinished GRAD System Fused Bamboo Plank for Decking, RainClad Siding and Soffit.

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