Over the past year, we have received many inquiries concerning one of Dasso’s competitors spreading misinformation and untruths, as well as continuing to illegally import Dasso’s patented bamboo exterior decking product into the U.S. and Canada.

While additional information is available, please take note of the following:

Dasso has not and is not now doing business under a competitor’s brand name, has not changed its name, has never merged with or consolidated business operations with a competitor, has never given a competitor the right to use the dassoXTR® brand name and did not change or modify its dassoXTR® trademark, as claimed.

Dasso is the only exclusive distributor of the dassoXTR® brand and the only company authorized by the patent holders to sell the patented exterior bamboo decking product in North America.

dassoXTR® Fused Bamboo® for Exterior Use is the only trademark and tagline for dasso exterior products sold in North America. If any company other than Dasso claims they have the rights to sell the patented exterior bamboo decking product in North America, any such statements are false and untrue.

Dasso’s warranty only applies to products sold under the dassoXTR® brand name and logo.

Dasso is not in bankruptcy, has never filed for bankruptcy, is not shutting down business operations and is not selling off assets. These statements are completely false and originated from a competitor willing to do and say anything to acquire new business. To the contrary, the dassoXTR® brand continues to grow and expand globally, with 9 manufacturing facilities in full operation and production.

The factory that manufactures our competitor’s infringing exterior bamboo decking product is being sold at auction on July 17, 2018. The part-owner of the factory that struck a back-door deal with our competitor is currently a fugitive from justice, has an outstanding warrant for his arrest and is being actively pursued by Chinese authorities.

Due to the volume of inquiries and complaints related to the misinformation and deceptive business practices of one of our competitors, we have dedicated an email address to receive and exchange information concerning the unfounded claims being made by dasso’s competitor in the marketplace. If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate in the body of your email or submission. Send email to:

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For questions or concerns feel free to call our customer service at: 404.691.6872.

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