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1x6 dasso.XTR Fused Bamboo TWO edge grooved decking

Item #: XTR-DK20-G2-PP

Double Grooved Edge 1x6 Fused Bamboo Decking, luxurious and durable. 6-ft end matched boards are revolutionizing decking. Have the superior performance of tropical hardwood, but each plank is straight, smooth and color consistent with a truly green story.
3/4+" X 5-3/8+" X 6'
End matched, both side lengths grooved
One side reeded face, 3mm ridges
Lin. ft. Per Bundle:
Lin. ft. Per Pallet:
8.10 sf per bundle
8.327 sf per bundle with 4mm spacers
Yes - WOCA oil
Hidden clips and Face Screw (Countersink plugs available)
United States US8,709,578 B2  
European Union 08800590.5  
China ZL200810093764.4  
Australia AU2008355033 Russia RU2446940 C1  
Singapore SG165525  
Malaysia PI 2010004676